Thursday, May 27, 2010

Formally Introduced: A look at some summer formal essentials

So if you haven’t noticed by the mere 90-degree weather we have been having its summer time. Oh no what does this mean, does it mean I can’t get dressed anymore and that I can only wear shorts? What about my suits? Can I still wear those? Well never fear, just because summer is here doesn’t mean you can’t look dapper. It just means you need to make a few minor adjustments. So I have collected some summer essentials to make sure you can still make that statement and stay cool all at the same time.


Summer time means its all about cotton and linen. Looking crisp well maintaining cool is the number one objective. With that said it is ok to go out and buy a nice summer suit. I would recommend you go one of three routes either the straight tan and brown cotton suit for more traditional occasions, seersucker when want to make more of a statement and during those summer weddings and functions, and linen when its just to hot not too. Also make sure that the suits are tailored correctly, makes a huge difference. The pants should fit well and the leg should barely be hovering over the shoe. Check out GQ for more tips on how too properly wear those summer suits

Secret: It’s all in the details. Wear well-patterned shirts underneath such as gingham. Keep and maintain using a bold tie. Don’t be afraid to venture of and add a colorful springtime pocket square and utilize brown shoes as a way to make a statement but make sure to wear a brown belt if doing this.

Disclaimer: When in a more formal setting or work environment it is recommended to stay with the traditional darker suit or grey suit.


Rugby recently wrote an article on their blog about wearing shorts for those casual Fridays. The secret is to wear traditional flat front chino shorts and to make sure to dress up the rest of your outfit by wearing a clean well fitting oxford shirt and tie combination. Also make sure to wear dressier shoes, nothing less than a boat shoe should be exhibited and I personally believe a nice brown shoe sockless never steered anyone wrong in these summer months.

Secret: Keep it classic and simple

Disclaimer: Need to have a laidback work environment that will be open to the idea of wearing shorts.


Summer Tie

It is ok to let go of those traditional heavier colored ties and venture into some with a lighter more whimsical summer feel. Summer is about bright colors and making a statement, with that I would look at going with more of a repp tie or a brighter color. For the bolder at heart I would also venture to the realms of floral patterns, seersucker and bowties. Who said that dressing up doesn’t mean having fun. One of the brands I have seen that does these ties well are Pierpont Hicks and Brooks Brothers, but you can also find them at stores such as Barneys, Uniqlo, J Crew, and Urban for pretty decent prices.

Secret: Wear the appropriate patterned shirt make sure if wearing a light shirt to wear a tie that contrasts so that the tie stands out. Don’t wear the same color tie and shirt. Keep it light.


GQ featured an article about moving past the classical boat shoe and sporting something a little more modern and colorful. Though I am and will always be a proponent of the original Sperry Topsiders I do enjoy some of these newer more colorful looks. Cole Haan, Sperry, and many other brands are featuring this newer rendition of the classic boat shoe.

Secret: Wear it sockless and with jeans or pants that rest just above the shoe. Also more tailored pants will really bring attention to the detail and not drown out the shoes.

Pocket Squares

It’s all in the details and what better way to add some distinction and excitement to an outfit than to equip it with a nice eye catching pocket square. It will increase the swagger of the outfit a thousand times, seriously. This spring its all about making sure to veer away from the classic white pocket square and get a pattern that is both stylish, says spring, and compliments the rest of the outfit. Some of my favorite pocket squares come from J.Press, Vintage shops, Ralph Lauren, and surprisingly Lands End has some great ones for a good price this season. Check out GQ feature for more tips

Secret: Avoid doing to much by not being to matchy with pocket square, shirt, and tie. They should compliment not be the same, or else you may end up looking you have on a tacky NBA draft suit. Also make sure not to do to much pattern play if have a pattern pocket square match it with a solid shirt.

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